Principal's Note

Hi all,

Welcome to another year at WSA! Whether you are a new or returning student, we are 
looking forward to working with you. Below, please find some important updates about the
2014-15 school year:
• First and foremost, our start and end times will change slightly this year. Due to the new 
teachers’ contract, there are now required blocks of professional development and parental 
outreach times designated during the week for all teachers. This had an impact on our bell 
schedule. Please note our start and end times for 2014-15 are:
o Monday: 8:20-3:08
o Tuesday: 8:20-3:08
o Wednesday: 8:20-2:40
o Thursday: 8:20-2:40
o Friday: 8:20-2:40
• We will continue to administer Quarterly Assessments four times a year, and will modify 
the start and end times for those days accordingly. 
• We are adding a parent night in September to invite all families in to learn more about WSA, 
your child’s classes and your child’s teachers. Communication around this event will come 
to you in August.
• We are welcoming a new Guidance Counselor, Jose Ramos. Mr. Ramos came to us via 
a leadership position in a Manhattan charter school. He will be handling the 9th
caseload and will be teaching our 10th grade College and Career Prep classes once a week.
• We will continue to have overnight grade level trips and are adding an 11th
grade college and service-learning trip. We are also continuing to plan for WSA’s 
International trip to London and Paris in 2016. For more information, please contact
• Mr. McSorley has moved on to a new position at a school in Brooklyn to be closer to his 
growing family (he and his wife welcomed a daughter in June). Ms. Rodriguez will continue 
to be a point person for parental outreach and contact. You can always reach her at 
extension 4016 or Eva Caceres will continue to be the 
general office point person and will be assuming some of the “behind the scenes work” that 
Mr. McSorley used to do.
• Dean’s Office: We have some new faces in the dean’s office this year. Simone Ousset and 
Steven Deep will join Mr. Mackie in running school discipline in the new space, room 414. 
You can reach them at ext. 4141 or through email at and
• Cell Phones: These are prohibited in school. There are various options of what to do with 
your phone during the school day. Feel free to contact the school if you have questions.
• Communication and social media: We are putting a lot of work into posting important 
news and dates on our facebook page 
You’ll find a link there to order our uniform, a link to our calendar and all the 
important daily news and events. You can also continue to monitor our website 
for links, news and JupiterGrades.
• Incoming 9th graders: If you have not filled out a course request form, please stop in this 
summer to do so. Also, if your plans have changed, and you won’t be joining us in the fall, 
please contact Ms. Rodriguez at 718-904-5050 ext. 4016
Students, we look forward to seeing you at 8:20 on the first day of school,
Thursday, September 4.
Remember to enter the building near the auditorium and leave plenty of time to come in 
through scanning. We plan to start instruction on the first day of school, so be sure to be here 
and ready to learn.

Sara Dingledy