Upcoming Events:
Student Reward trip to Six Flags Great Adventure this Friday, April 25th -- 100 students have been invited.  Students attending trip need to be outside WSA at 7:45 a.m., dressed appropriately for the weather, and return by about 5pm.  All other students will have a standard school day, in uniform.
Westchester Square Academy is now hiring!  We'll start our 3rd year next fall, which means our founding class will become our first Junior class and we'll grow to include 400 students.  We'll also be hiring approximately 10 more staff.
50 sophomores just returned from an overnight trip to visit colleges in Washington, D.C.  Have any questions for them?  Ask on our Facebook page!
----- has listed WSA's screened entry as one if their top recommendations for the Bronx!
OPEN HOUSE FOR RECRUITMENT ON TUESDAY, MARCH 18TH FROM 5:30- 7:30.  Open House for accepted students in May -- stay tuned for details!
Coming up this week at WSA is our Students v. Staff Volleyball game, and our Mentorship Advertisement on Friday March 14th. On Thursday March 20th, we will be holding our school Dance. 

PA Meetings are 1st Tuesday of every month.  The next PA meeting is October 8th at 6pm, room 410.   
Freshmen and Sophomores:  Get information about ordering uniforms here.
Please keep in mind:  You will need to order by phone or online through CookiesKids or Land's End.  If you're going to either website, be sure to use the correct school code: WSAES for and 900158015 for  
Ordering by either phone or website will require a credit card; with Land's End, you should be able to purchase a gift card at Sears (with cash or credit) to use for phone and online purchases.  Land's End: 800-469-2222.  Cookies:  877-942-6654.