Upcoming Events

Quarterly Assessments are coming up soon!  QAs are Monday and Tuesday, January 27th and 28th.  These will be the last grades of the 1st semester, which will be part of a student's permanent record.
Regents Exams are that Thursday and Friday, the 29th and 30th.  Students, please check with your Algebra and Geometry teachers to see if you are taking the Regents.  (Click  "Upcoming Events" to see more!)
Throughout that week, students will be attending school on the dates and times they have tests.  After students have completed their testing for the term, they will return to school on Tuesday, February 4th.
PA Meetings are 1st Tuesday of every month.  The next PA meeting is October 8th at 6pm, room 410.   
Freshmen and Sophomores:  Get information about ordering uniforms here.
Please keep in mind:  You will need to order by phone or online through CookiesKids or Land's End.  If you're going to either website, be sure to use the correct school code: WSAES for Uniforms.CookiesKids.com and 900158015 for LandsEnd.com/school.  
Ordering by either phone or website will require a credit card; with Land's End, you should be able to purchase a gift card at Sears (with cash or credit) to use for phone and online purchases.  Land's End: 800-469-2222.  Cookies:  877-942-6654.  

New Students
Come in to WSA on the 4th floor at 3000 E. Tremont to pick up your New Student Packet.  This will include summer reading, information about school supplies, uniforms and bell schedules, and paperwork that needs to be filled out and signed by a parent or guardian.  The office is always open M-Th 9-3, and you can call 718-904-5050 to check about extended hours (M-F 9-5) to see if someone will be in.
Algebra Regents Boot Camp runs Monday July 29th through Thursday August 8th, 11:30-2pm.  
Our 2nd Open House for new students and families is this Tuesday, June 25th from 5:30 - 6:30 p.m.   Join us on the 4th floor at 3000 E. Tremont for an informal opportunity to meet school faculty and staff, find out about the coming year, and hear about summer events!
New WSAers, be sure to follow us on Facebook, and check the online calendar to stay informed!
We're now accepting applications for next year's additions to our teaching and support staff.  View our job posting, and email jobs@westchestersquare.org with your resume.


Congratulations to our students who have qualified for spring sports teams on the Lehman campus -- we'll be cheering on WSAers in softball, basketball, and track.  Good luck to all of our student athletes!


  • Order you student's uniform from WSA's personalized CookiesKids Webstore.  Remember to enter the coupon code WSA at checkout to earn donations for our school!  Also, you can visit Cookies Deparement Store locations at 
  1. 2543 Webster Avenue, near Fordham Rd.; or
  2. 1534 Westchester Avenue, just past the Bronx River Parkway.

Just tell them your student is attending Westchester Square Academy this fall, and and they will help you find the right uniform.
As always, please feel free to email me directly with questions you have.  You can also stay connected with us on Facebook.  
Sara Dingledy